Katherine Warren


The story of the affection felt for Katherine is in the unedited emails that were sent on news of her passing.

Singing friends,
  I'm very sorry to report that Katherine Warren, beloved NYC alto and salsa chef extraordinaire, has passed away. Although Katherine most often attended the Brooklyn Singing, she was also a regular at the Lower East Side and Manhattan Monthly Singings for the past several years. A few of her favorite songs included: 178, 106, 335, 344 and 501. She will be greatly missed.  
A dedicated singer and lover of Sacred Harp, Katherine was also the creator of the best grape tomato salsa known to humankind. Famous among Brooklyn singers, this prized delicacy was always looked for whenever Katherine was in attendance. Thankfully for us, there was scarcely a time when Katherine did not oblige our collective taste for this perfectly devised treat.  
There is no word yet as to whether there will be a local service for her. However, I will pass along any info as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, I've pasted a note from Jessica Spiegel, a colleague of Catherine's; as well as the note that Brenda Pena sent to the Brooklyn Singing List.
  Please sing a song or two for Katherine whenever you can, and keep her friends and family in your thoughts and prayers, Aldous.  


Hello,   I work for the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP).  I'm writing regarding Katherine Warren, a beloved co-worker at the VLP and an avid Sacred Harp singer.  I believe she participated regularly in the Brooklyn Sacred Harp singing and possibly with the other local groups.  I'm very sad to report that Katherine passed away suddenly this week.   
I do not have contact information for any of Katherine's friends, but I know that she loved singing and thought perhaps she might have friends among her fellow singers who would want to pay their respects.  Would you please let me know whether Katherine was in fact a participant in your group(s), and if so, whether she was friendly with any of the members.  If you think it appropriate please go ahead and circulate the news of Katherine’s passing among your groups.  Please feel free to include my name and contact information so that anyone who would like to can get in touch for more information.  
Thank you,  
Jessica Spiegel  


I am very sad to report that , Katherine Warren, one of our long-time stalwart Brooklyn singers, has passed away.  She had, and since childhood had long struggled with, Type I Diabetes.  She caught a bug of some sort this week and it seems to have just been too much for her system, and she passed away in her sleep.     
It's uncertain if there will be local services by the family, but there will be a memorial service by the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project where she worked.  I will pass on the details of this when I get them.     
Some of her song favorites were 178, 47, 551, 457, and more recently, 501, 344, 335, and 384.  
I will miss her greatly, and I know I am not alone in that regard.  Not just that great Salsa, Kath, but you.  

  Dear singers,  
Katherine had three beloved cats she had had for a long time.  They were quite traumatized by her passing, and all the strangers coming into the apartment.  They are now safely in the hands of a caring and capable shelter, the Sean Casey Animal Rescue.  
However, Sean tells me that there is virtually no hope of their being adopted.  They are elderly and shy and fearful, being unused to anyone but Katherine.   If they are going to find homes for the last years of their lives, those homes, or preferably, that home, will have to come from the community of those who cared for Katherine.  The last, best thing we can do for Katherine is to see that her beloved companions don't languish for long in a cage .  .  .  or worse.  
They were affectionate with Katherine, slept on her bed, and will probably be equally affectionate in their new home(s) when they recover.  Please consider whether your home could be the home they so desperately need, or please do everything you can do to find them one.   You can contact me at xxxxor Sean at xxx or NYAnimalRescue@Yahoo.com or www.NYAnimalRescue.org .   
Thank you so much for caring and trying,  

The cats found a home.