"And when from death I'm free, I'll sing on..."

It's been over a year since nancy left us. It's still hard to know what to write about her without invading her privacy or the privacy of her family. She remains in the hearts of those of us who had the pleasure of getting to know her. We miss her. And we're still so sad she's gone.

Nancy's favorite song was

"The Grieved Soul"

Joseph Hart, 1759

Come, my soul and let us try
For a little season
Ev'ry burden to lay by,
Come and let us reason.
What is this that casts thee down?
Who are those that grieve thee?
Speak and let the worst be known?
Speaking may relieve thee.

Special thanks to Michael Kaye for his ongoing efforts to document the Sacred Harp community
and for sharing these photos of Nancy.