September 11th Memorial Sing, The Living Room, NYC

September 11th Memorial Sing, The Living Room, NYC

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"SEPTEBER 11TH MEMORIAL SING: Sacred Harp at the Living Room, NYC" CD

  This is a draft. I still need the names of all the singers who attended for the cd I will give to the firefighters, the American Folklife Center and Berkley Moore who maintains a Recording Index which appears on Corrections and comments are welcome.


We had six song dedications. 

The first two were written by Rev. Everett J. Wabst, Chaplain, Former FDNY Firefighter. “This song is dedicated to: William Prechtel Richard Kelly, Jr. Edward J. Day Matthew S. Rogan John F. Heffernen and Michael F. Cammarata

Of Ladder Co. 11 as a Farewell and Thank You, a prayer that you'll never forget us or the service of those that follow.” # 347 "A Christian's Farewell", both verses.


“This song is dedicated to the firefighters as part of this community who offer the supreme sacrifice for their fellow citizens: all who have been saved and all who have perished, in recognition that we all die together when we are called.”

47b "Idumea", First and Last verse”


The third, for Mike Shwartztein who could not attend, was “dedicated in loving memory to Allan Shwartzstein.”

86 "Poland", 1st and 2nd verse only.

Laura Warman dedicated #146, “Hallelujah” “to Victor, the kindest person I ever met.”

Mary Ellen Schrock dedicated # 171, “Exhortation”, for her colleague’s mother.

"When I Am Gone", # 339, was led by Lauren Bock in memory of Kevin Conroy.

And lastly, Susan Hanson, dedicated, 473 “Carmarthen” to her son, Jared, in gratitude for his survival of that day.

To commemorate the day Aldo Ceresa led “All is Well”, Bradford West, “Clamanda” and Brenda Pena, "My Shepard Guides".

Although Dean McNeil was unable to attend he asked that we sing #340, “Odem”.

The Memorial was very moving.  Singers came for Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York for September 11. There was an amazing convergence of context and voices and the songs were never seemed more beautiful or more profound.

I was surprised that we did not have an “audience” since the press releases and listing notices said there would be a special sing and performance, an extension of "The September Concert" that Bradford West had organized. The Sing was listed as usual in the local downtown newspapers and several places online and that did bring in several new, first time singers. But I can only assume that people who wanted to mark September 11 in a meaningful way went to the larger ceremonies at Ground Zero or St. Patrick’s.
The Memorial Sing was, however, described by Matthew Barton in an internal report at the American Folklife Center. The report contrasted the comprehensive, official ceremonies at Ground Zero with the very focused, community-based remembrances such as ours.
I did wonder why our local firefighters did not attend since we had arranged the special song dedication for them. But they had spent the morning at solemn ceremonies and were only too glad to spend the afternoon at B3 bar where the local hipsters were very happily buying them beers.


I don’t think any of us would begrudge them that.


Thanks to:

Kshama Ananthapura

Matthew Barton

Lauren Bock

Aldo Ceresa

Richard Dibella

Joanne Fuller

Linda Grigg

Linda Griggs

Susan Hanson

Inga Knets

Violet Krumbein

Holly Laws

Andrea Meek

David Pier

Kate Richardson

Stan Richardson

Richard Schmeidler

Mary Ellen Schrock

Claudia Smigelski

Ian Smiley. 

Jenna Strizak

Lauralee Thompson

Renuka Vijayanathan

Laura Warman

Lauren Weintraub

Bradford West